The Hottest Restaurants in Denver this Valentine’s Day


Love should be celebrated each and every moment of your life. But the hectic schedule of modern life hardly leaves time for that. Probably this is why Valentine’s Day came into being, a day which we devote to the people we love. So here are the Hottest Restaurants in Denver to enjoy with your love ones.


But did you know that there is so much better than chocolate, red roses and gifts? It’s the Valentine you’ll love for a lifetime…

You guessed it. It’s a house. Even better, it’s home for you, and your family. It’s the Home of your heart! CALL us TODAY! Phone: 719-345-8272, Cell: 719-499-1157. And let Tara Gutierrez & Team G.I.G. be your Home Matchmaker!

It’s also a good time to make a deal. The spring buying season hasn’t started and the winter holiday season is pretty well passed. You’ll have less competition when making an offer. If you’re a real business-like buyer, you’ll be pleased to know that mortgage interest rates are still the lowest in years … but you can’t count on that to continue for many more months, so February is a moneywise choice.

If you have school-aged children, the timing couldn’t be much better. By the time you get all the paperwork finished, it will almost be time for the school year to end.
Homeowners who have waited to market their properties are more likely to do it now because asking prices are a little higher than in recent years, but still attractive to potential buyers.
As the year progresses, however, home prices are expected to rise 3.5 percent, according to Zillow’s Chief Economist Svenja Gudell. That means the selection of homes for sale right now offers more opportunities than in the past. Buyers who’ve been stuck behind the wave of rising prices are finally getting the chance to jump in.


Always Expect a QUICK Professional Response from Team G.I.G.!
Our #1 PRIORITY is to make sure that this is the Smoothest Transaction You’ll ever Experience!!!

We are Colorado Springs’ Most Innovative Real Estate Team
Tara Gutierrez & Team G.I.G. | Keller Williams Realty

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